Is Your Baby a Little Monkey?

Cartoon Monkey S

Is your baby widely curious and sharp minded? He or she may be a little monkey.  The Chinese have studied monkeys for over 2,000 years and found them to have unique characteristics. They were found to typically be clever, curious, charismatic and extremely inventive.  If your baby is a little monkey he or she is going to have a wonderful life.  Monkeys are playful, loving and wise.  They are fun to be around because they are so creative and generous.

A couple of years ago I traveled to the Zhangjiajie Mountains in China where there were hundreds of monkeys. As we hiked up the winding mountain trails we could see whole families of monkeys on the hills on the side of the road.  Occasionally a few monkeys would venture over to where the people were which gave us an up-close look at their behavior.  Through personal experience I can verify that monkeys are quite clever with sharp minds.  This was demonstrated when they would use a variety of tricks to get food and trinkets from the people we were traveling with.  I could also see that they were very social animals by the way they were interacting with each other on the side of the road.

Artwork by Tiffany Chang –

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Children and the Chinese Spring Festival

Spring Festival

The Chinese Spring Festival is the most important period in the Chinese calendar. It begins on Chinese New Year with the new moon and ends 15 days later with the Lantern Festival on the next full moon.  In 2017 the Chinese New Year falls on January 28th on the Western calendar.  This is the Year of the Rooster according to the Chinese zodiac.  The Spring Festival is the longest public holiday in China.  Most employees take at least seven days off work and many students take off a whole month.  It is a time for the whole family to get together, similar to the Christmas holidays for westerners.

This is a great time to get kids involved in the spirit of the Chinese New Year celebrations by making their own crafts and wearing clothing that celebrates the event. In China children spend months making crafts for the New Year celebrations.  You can get your kids into the spirit by having them make their own Chinese dragons or their own Rooster masks to celebrate the Year of the Rooster.  Even babies can participate by wearing t-shirts, body suits and coveralls featuring the rooster.  There is a whole variety of such clothing for children and babies available in online stores such as and

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Which Rooster Artwork Should Be Featured on Baby Clothes?


All babies born next year (Chinese calendar) will be born in the Year of the Rooster. The Chinese believe this is a good thing because these babies will grow up to be hard working and resourceful adults. Because of this there will be many baby products available next year that will feature images of the rooster.  One of these products will be baby body suits by Zodiacals™.  The company is considering two versions of the rooster for next year’s baby body suits.  The first is a body suit with only the rooster’s head and the second is one large and several small rooster heads.  The decision as to which version to go with has not yet been made.  Which of these do you prefer?  Should the Zodiacals body suits feature one head or multiple heads?

Artwork by Tiffany Chang, All Rights 

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O-Chugen and O-Seibo Japanese Gift Giving

O-seibo gifts

It is a tradition in Japan, and among many Japanese Americans, to periodically give gifts to certain people. The two big gift giving seasons are o-chugen that takes place in the middle of summer and o-seibo which takes place at the end of the year.  These gifts are given to express gratitude to people who provided some type of care during the year. Examples are bosses, parents, relatives and teachers.  O-chugen gifts are usually sent from early to mid-July and o-seibo gifts are usually sent from early to mid- December.  This is a nice tradition because it shows certain people that you really appreciate what they do for you.  You too can participate in this excellent Japanese tradition by giving a gift to someone you care about during the o-chugen or o-seibo seasons.

Today people typically have their o-chugen and o-seibo gifts delivered to recipients from an online store. Some people, however, will bring gifts to recipient’s homes.  Gifts range widely in prices, but typically gifts will cost from under $30 to $100 per gift. Popular gifts are sets of assorted beer, desserts, tea and many other food items.  Sweets are often given to families with children.  Non-food o-seubo and o-chugen items can also be given. You can find examples of non-food gift items on Asian online stores such as Each gift package should be labeled with the words “o-seibo” or “o-chugen”. Ideally these words should be written on a thin paper, which in Japan is called noshi.

Photo by drcw –

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Baby Bodysuits Customized with Zodiacals™ Animals

Antonio Onesie - Monkey

Although you can find adorable baby clothes at discount stores, department stores, and specialty shops, baby bodysuits customized with Zodiacals animals are a great way to make sure the little bundle of joy stands out from the crowd. Baby bodysuits or onesies are t-shirt like baby garments that have snaps at the crotch to keep them from riding up and exposing the baby’s tummy.  These short-sleeved bodysuits can be used as a complete outfit or as an undergarment.  Zodiacals bodysuits have cute slogans such as “Unpredictable and Whitty” which is printed on the Year of the Monkey bodysuit.  These sayings are actually based on the Chinese zodiac and often precisely fit babies born in the birth year mentioned.

Animals are always great on baby bodysuits and Zodiacals animals are especially great because they are humanized animals doing interesting things. The Year of the Monkey bodysuits, for example, feature a fisherman rowing a boat using a bird to catch fish.  These animals are based on the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac and each animal has a special meaning.  Zodiacals onesies make great baby shower gifts because they are thoughtful and unique – just as unique as the new bundle of joy.  They show that you really gave some thought to the gift’s selection because the bodysuit is customized to the baby’s birth year.  At you can see a wide selection of baby bodysuits featuring Zodiacals animals.

Photo by Melissa Griffin

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New Leggings Featuring Chinese Zodiac Animals


A new line of leggings featuring the twelve Chinese zodiac animals is being introduced this week by These are more than just colorful characters. They are modern versions of the ancient Chinese zodiac which has been around for thousands of years. The unusual design of the Zodiacals characters is based on original oil paintings by Chinese American artist Tiffany Chang. Each character tells a unique story related to the Chinese zodiac.

Every pair of Zodiacals leggings is printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada. The vivid print of the Zodiacals characters will never fade after washing. The leggings are made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex which means they hug in all the right places and suit all kinds of body types.  This ultra-stretch fabric holds shape even after being worn multiple times.  The thick elastic waistband will rise just under your belly button for most sizes.  You can wear Zodiacals leggings over and over and they won’t lose their shape.

Leggings are very popular today. They have managed to find their way into many summer wardrobes because they are hip, fashionable and effortless.  Movie stars of all ages, from Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan to Madonna, have all been seen wearing leggings.  These white leggings dotted with colorful Zodiacals animals are perfect for the summer months. They are an ideal choice to wear under some of the airy sundresses of the season.  The new Zodiacals leggings are now available online at

Artwork from Zodiacals™ © 2016 Tiffany Chang All Rights Reserved.

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Birthday Gifts Featuring Zodiacals™ Characters

kimomo robes

It is not always easy to find the right birthday gift for someone. This is especially true for those who seem to “already have everything” or for those who are having a milestone birthday. Clothing featuring Zodiacals animal characters present a unique solution to this problem because they are based on the Chinese zodiac.  Each Zodiacals animal precisely fits the birth year of the person receiving the gift.  Men, women and children always get excited to see their own Zodiacals Chinese zodiac sign on their birthday gift because it shows that you really gave some thought to the gift’s selection.

At you can see a wide selection of birthday gifts featuring the 12 different Chinese zodiacals animals.  The product selection ranges from exotic kimonos, skirts and silk scarfs to T-shirts, aprons, baseball caps and baby onesies among others. These make special birthday gifts because they are tied into the ancient Chinese zodiac which provides a glimpse into the personality of the birthday person. These are really more than just interesting characters printed or embroidered on clothing.  Giving a birthday gift featuring Zodiacals animals creates a special occasion.

Artwork from Zodiacals™ © 2016 Tiffany Chang All Rights Reserved.

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