Infant’s Wear Featuring Baby’s Chinese Zodiac Year


A new line of baby clothes enable your baby to wear t-shirts, body suits and coveralls that feature the Chinese zodiac year in which your baby was born.  If you have a baby that is from a newborn to a two year old he or she was born in either the year of the rooster, the monkey or the goat.  According to the Chinese zodiac each of these signs has a significantly different meaning.

Babies born in the year of the rooster tend to be sociable, sharp and very accomplished. Babies born in the year of the monkey tend to be cleaver, curious, charismatic and extremely inventive.  Babies born in the year of the goat tend to be artistic, sensitive, sweet and charming.  If you are unsure of in which year your baby was born you can check the Chinese calendar on the website

Baby clothes customized with Zodiacals animals are a great way to make sure the little bundle of joy stands out from the crowd. These baby clothes also make great baby shower gifts because they are thoughtful and unique – just as unique as the new baby.  They show that you really gave some thought to the gift’s selection because the t-shirt, bodysuit or coverall is customized to the baby’s birth year.  You can purchase Zodiacals baby clothes in select supermarkets such as King Kullen in New York or online at

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Baby Clothes Featuring Chinese Zodiac Cartoons

From infant’s body suits and t-shirts to baby coveralls, a new line of basic baby clothes is now available online at and in selected King Kullen supermarkets on Long Island, NY.  A complete list of participating supermarkets is available at the website.Miss Piggy 4X4.png - 6-17-17

Zodiacals Baby clothes put a new twist on basic clothing for infants. Every baby needs a soft t-shirt, body suit or coverall to sleep in. The new Zodiacals garments are not only ultra-soft to keep baby cozy, the adorable animals add a special meaning to wearing the garment.

Each Zodiacals garment features a cartoon character created by award winning Chinese American artist Tiffany Chang. The characters are based on 2,000 years of Chinese legend and each animal has a special meaning.  Monkeys, for example, tend to be clever and curious.  Roosters tend to be trustworthy, sharp and sociable.  Goats tend to be sensitive, sweet and charming.  Mothers can select cartoon characters that match their baby’s personality.

The new Zodiacals baby clothes are available in sizes from three to twenty four months. The short-sleeve t-shirts are made with 100% cotton so that they feel soft on the baby’s skin yet resist the wear and tear a growing child will put on clothes.  The bodysuits feature a lap-shoulder neckline so you can get the baby dressed and undressed with ease.  The 100% cotton coveralls will be your go-to footed coveralls throughout the year.