Predicting Your Baby’s Personality


The Chinese believe that each baby starts life with an inherited set of personality traits. Some traits are obvious almost from birth; others will become apparent by 3 or 4 months. Parents can have a tremendous influence on how a baby develops but you cannot change your baby’s inborn personality. To gain insight into what your baby will become there are a number of things you can look for. Does your baby smile at just about anyone who scoops him up or does he seem to have been born with stranger anxiety?  Does your baby typically go with the flow or does she refuse to sleep anywhere but in her own crib? Does your baby fuss at the slightest provocation or is she seldom set off by changes in her environment or routine?

Many Asians believe much of a baby’s inborn personality is based on the 2,000 year old Chinese zodiac. It is felt that babies born in certain years will have personality traits that will follow them throughout their lives.  There are many sources that provide insight into the personality traits of the different signs of the Chinese zodiac.  The infants’ wear brand Zodiacals™, for example, prints the characteristics of the three most recent signs right on their labels. Babies born in the year of the rooster tend to be trustworthy, sociable, sharp and very accomplished.  Babies born in the year of the monkey tend to be clever, curious, charismatic and extremely inventive.  Babies born in the year of the goat tend to be artistic, sensitive, sweet and charming.

Artwork by Tiffany Chang, All Rights 

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