Tai Chi is Meditation in Motion

Tai Chi Water

If you are looking for internal peace, the ancient Chinese practice of tai chi may be the answer. Whether you are feeling stress from everyday life or have physical issues such as high blood pressure, the calm and relaxed movements of tai chi have been producing calmer minds for over 700 years.

I have found tai chi a great way to stay fit, mentally and physically. Tai chi forces you to focus and be conscious of every movement of your body and every breath you take.  It totally takes your mind off any stressful thoughts you may normally have related to work, family or other normal everyday issues.  For a brief period of the day you are immersed in this calming technique.  After you have finished your tai chi session the relaxing effects of tai chi typically stay with you the rest of the day.

I highly recommend looking into tai chi. It does not take any special skills or athletic ability.  Anybody can join a tai chi group at any age.  Within a very short time you will find yourself enjoying the mindful engagement in fluid motions that relax your mind and body.   You will find tai chi groups in libraries, hospital health centers, senior centers, community centers and private organizations.  I practice tai chi in a park with a group of friends.  We add Chinese music to our tai chi sessions to add to the enjoyment.

Photo by Denis Carrascosa – http://tinyurl.com/y83n4em5 

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