Tai Chi for Kids

Kids Tai Chi

If you are looking for a way to help your child maintain focus, calmness and self-discipline tai chi may be the answer. Children can experience a lot of stress today both at home and in school. Tai chi can help children cope with stress because it promotes inner harmony and relaxation. Children who are relaxed and balanced get more out of life. Tai chi is an exercise that involves the body and the mind. You move almost every part of your body while at the same time you are using the mind to remember the moves. It requires focus to think through the movements. Because of this Tai chi teaches children to remember and to have self-discipline.

Tai chi is interesting to children because it is related to the martial arts and many of the movements are derived from the natural movements of animals and birds. It is fun because it is performed slowly and gracefully. While the child is performing tai chi he or she is focusing on posture and balance. This is a good alternative to the sitting position where they spend most of their time. As a side benefit the child practicing tai chi may do a better job of keeping their weight under control. Stress promotes the desire to eat and the combination of exercise and reducing stress in a child can help with the problem of over eating.

Photo by Ben Burkland Carolyn Cook – http://tinyurl.com/y7brvbx8

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