Is Your Baby a Little Monkey?

Cartoon Monkey S

Is your baby widely curious and sharp minded? He or she may be a little monkey.  The Chinese have studied monkeys for over 2,000 years and found them to have unique characteristics. They were found to typically be clever, curious, charismatic and extremely inventive.  If your baby is a little monkey he or she is going to have a wonderful life.  Monkeys are playful, loving and wise.  They are fun to be around because they are so creative and generous.

A couple of years ago I traveled to the Zhangjiajie Mountains in China where there were hundreds of monkeys. As we hiked up the winding mountain trails we could see whole families of monkeys on the hills on the side of the road.  Occasionally a few monkeys would venture over to where the people were which gave us an up-close look at their behavior.  Through personal experience I can verify that monkeys are quite clever with sharp minds.  This was demonstrated when they would use a variety of tricks to get food and trinkets from the people we were traveling with.  I could also see that they were very social animals by the way they were interacting with each other on the side of the road.

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