Do you have a great product or service that you would like to promote to the Asian-American community. There are now over 18 million Asian Americans living in the United States that are included in America’s fastest growing and highest earning demographic segment.  Zu Zu the Pig followers are affluent, educated and sophisticated consumers who are highly engaged in social networks.  Over 70% of the Zu Zu the Pig audience resides in six states.  These include New York, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, Illinois and California. Here is how Zu Zu the Pig can help you reach over 180,000 Asian Americans each month.

Advertorials – A series of advertorials are created that recommend your product or service and provide a call-to-action to motivate Asian American consumers to immediately go to your website or online store to make a purchase.  These advertorials are more like a positive product review than an advertisement.  They are clearly marked as sponsored content but they look like blog posts and they stay on the site forever.  They are also promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook –Posts are made on Facebook by Zu Zu the Pig to engage, inform, educate and entertain fans and followers about your product or service.  Promoted posts targeted to Asian Americans are used to ensure broad exposure of your advertorials.

Twitter – Creative, engaging, entertaining, fun custom Twitter posts are made that speak to Twitter followers about your product or service. A constant conversation is made with the Asian American community on Twitter about your product or service. Promoted tweets are constantly sent to Asian Americans to further ensure broad exposure of your advertorials.