Which Rooster Artwork Should Be Featured on Baby Clothes?


All babies born next year (Chinese calendar) will be born in the Year of the Rooster. The Chinese believe this is a good thing because these babies will grow up to be hard working and resourceful adults. Because of this there will be many baby products available next year that will feature images of the rooster.  One of these products will be baby body suits by Zodiacals™.  The company is considering two versions of the rooster for next year’s baby body suits.  The first is a body suit with only the rooster’s head and the second is one large and several small rooster heads.  The decision as to which version to go with has not yet been made.  Which of these do you prefer?  Should the Zodiacals body suits feature one head or multiple heads?

Artwork by Tiffany Chang, All Rights Reservedwww.tiffanychang.us 

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