Why You Should Practice Tai Chi


If you are looking for a relaxing way to stay physically active and vital, the ancient Chinese practice of tai chi may be the answer. I practice tai chi several times each week and find it a great way to improve my flexibility and balance.  Whether you practice tai chi at home, in a formal class or outside in a park with a group the same benefits apply.  The slow deliberate movements and breathing exercises can help your circulation, improve your balance and restore your energy.

The slow graceful movements of tai chi flow together without pause putting minimal stress on your joints and muscles. As you flow from move to move you use your entire body including your core muscles, your arms, your legs and even the muscles in your back.  These movements help improve your flexibility and even in a subtle way increase your strength. Tai chi is not intended to provide aerobic exercise and you should supplement tai chi with some type of aerobic exercise like walking.  I combine my tai chi exercise with kung fu and tae kwon do, which I find gives me the best of both worlds.

Photo by Brian Robinson – http://tinyurl.com/jm86zhd 

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